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36 år, pappa, skilærer, entreprenør, bor og jobber i Oslo/Hemsedal. Ukentlig inspirerer jeg andre til hvordan vi kan bevege oss mer effektivt med kraft og mindre smerte. Fremtidens klima inneholder også et folk som beveger seg!
Min utfordring
Lære bort en øvelse som holder ryggen sterk, frisk og sunn til 5 nye personer.

I did not go out with it so hard om the beginning of this month but I have taken on the @cchange_global and make a 30 day process for the climate. …
I always have to have a twist on things so I did this my way to… ”My #cchallenge was to teach an exercise that make the back stronger to 5 new people”. .
Why is this a climate action ?
In my opinion there is many reasons.
. A functional body/ back is key to sustain human life in any crisis, as well as climate. . Nature always wins in the end. So I find it unsustainable to work towards sustainability if that sacrifice human movement.
. A functional back during this period of time has allowed me to, pick up plastic from the ocean, play and ski with my daughter, sort my garbage, help an injuried friend to move furniture, cooked my self nice dinners at home and taken the subway in and out of town, walking, or skateboard. . A strong back also gave me confidence to raise my voice on sustainable movement a the national board meeting for Massage therapist. Many people liked my idea about moving towards sustainable healthcare. @twofeetonearthcom
Thank for a great initiative @cchange_global Keep up inspiring good actions. Thanks @maaudii for testing this exercise from #foundationtraining @fitness24seven_norway
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